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What is AppCache?

The ApplicationCache (AppCache) is a feature of HTML5 that aims to allow websites and Web applications to be reliably accessed while offline.

You can find out more about the AppCache in this great HTML5 Rocks article.

What makes this different to other online AppCache tools?

Unlike other online AppCache generators, this one uses actual network requests from a page instead of only scraping URLs from top-level files. This means that it includes asynchronous assets that may be requested after the page has finished loading.


The generated manifest should not be taken as-is. It's a good starting point but should be manually tweaked to suit your specific needs.


Some resources can cause unnecessary output (like external JavaScript for social buttons) and should be manually filtered out for now. This tool will eventually do some of this filtering automatically.

What technology is being used to do this?

  • Node.js – Server-side logic and heavy lifting
  • Express – HTTP hosting for Node.js
  • PhantomJS – Monitoring page network requests via JavaScript
  • Confess.js – AppCache generator for PhantomJS
  • Bootstrap – Page structure
  • jQuery – Form logic and AJAX